A new wave of collectibles is about to hit the blockchain.

A collection of 5,000 Nozomi NFTs on Ethereum, creating a community centered around strong identity, values, and rewards.

Characterized by soft lighting, vibrant color schemes and unreal costumes, these generative 3D NFTs are the addition to your NFT collection you were just waiting for. Nozomi will earn real yield from our decentralized perpetual exchange.

A collection of 5500 NFTs earning staking rewards in the form of $SENSHI tokens, profit sharing from our dojo staking pool platform, and the gatekeeper to our multiverse world avatar. 

About Senshi

Senshi NFT launched at the end of May 2022 and immediately was rugged. The new owner expanded the vision and created Senshi Labs. A front facing company dedicated to creating unique utilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to mint you must have access to a metamask wallet (https://metamask.io/), your wallet then needs to have enough ETH to mint the NFT aswell as a little extra to fund gas fees. You can get ETH into your wallet by purchasing with card through platforms like Binance, Coinbase and Moonpay. Once it is ready you can connect your metamask wallet to our official site on mint day, and press the mint button. After your transaction has completed your NFT will be placed inside of your OpenSea account that is connected to your wallet.

Senshi  NFTs grant you access to our partnered multiverse world. No only you enjoy the benefits from participating in our multiverse events, but also upon staking your Senshis you earn rewards in the form of $SENSHI tokens. Lastly, profit sharing from our dojo staking platform.

Even thought Nozomi NFTs are not launched yet, we have already created its utility. Nozomi will be the exclusive pfp of our decentralized perpetual exchange. Holding a Nozomi and staking it will earn you real yield from our trading fees. 



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